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See YouTube Video Of My Previous Litters and My Dogs Working, Visit My Youtube Channel at

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I am no longer recommending the removal of dewclaws.
To see why, watch the youtube video below:
'Dewclaws Do Have A Purpose?"
Scroll Down to see pictures of some of the pups I've bred and whelped and placed in good homes.  I love puppies.


Pups Resting After Playing Hard At Their Play Station



Red Wagon Pups
SureFire pup with new friend.

PeekABoo To You !
Pups move from whelping box to puppy pen.
                                      My pups always have lots of toys to play with..
My pups learn balance on a tetter board.
       And they learn confidence crawling thru tubes and tunnels.
My pups learn to navigate all kinds of obstacles.
All my pups get accustomed to being in a kennel.
******  Happy New Homes ******

                           SNOOZE TIME
                                             Me and my pups - I love puppies.


Then they start getting bigger...









TWO litters = TOO much. - but Oh What Fun..




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