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I have had dogs, dogs, and more dogs - I Luv Dogs.
They have made memories, memories, and more memories
I Luv Memories
This is an oil painting of my first Golden girls by
Debbie Fuelberht - I just love it.
Mike & me with Nickie, Dee-O-Gee, Quest, Luckie, Cajun & Jammer
 Jammer,Quest,Flash,Luckie,Ready, Nickie,Cajun,& Dee-O-Gee
 Dee-O-Gee, Cajun, Jammer,& Flash
with Quest, Leah, & a pup.
Dee-O-Gee, Cajun, Jameer,Luckie, Nickie, Quest and Jammer Pups
Nickie, Luckie,Dee-O-Gee, Jammer, Cajun, Quest
First there was Patton 
 Then it became Patton & Luke
 Luke was my first real obedience dog.
A friends painting of Patton 
             Patton, Luke, Me & Chris
Then came my Sunnybrook Acres Luckie Girl -
A very sweet yellow lab female..
 Luke and Luckie - what a pair.
Me doing Agility with Luckie in 1989.
Luke was the first dog I really worked at
obedience with.  He was a quick learner
and was a lot of fun to work with.  He
was also pretty good a frisbee and great
with the kids.
Oh Luckie Girl...
Luckie placed 13th in Houston.


Sunnybrook Acres Luckie Girl

And Then Came Red Eagle Nickie Fox On Run.
Nickie was truly One Of A Kind.
Nickie was a  Wonder Dog - with honors in Dog World.
Nickie was a naturally
versatile dog who loved agility.


Nickie really, really, really loved Agility...
Nickie running a course at the Astro Hall in Houston at the USDAA Nationals.
And then came Red Eagle Ragin' Cajun

Cajun was quite a girl. She was the beginning of my breeding program and was an ad star as well.
I had always said I would never keep two pups from the same litter -
And then Cajun had Jammer and Dee-O-Gee.
They were a couple of Keepers, for sure.
Jammer and Dee-O-Gee
They were quite a pair.
   Two Great Sisters
Dee-O-Gee and Jammer
While I was doing Agility with Jammer and Dee-O-Gee,
I also got a Border Collie pup, Quest, who added some zip to my life.
Dee-O-Gee loved field work.
                               Good Girl!
Nickie, Cajun & Luckie on an Agility CrossOver.
That's Keith Harold in the pink hat with his border terriers.

Nothing like a dog that likes to work

Bev in the Retriever Hunting News  October/November 2003



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