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SureFire Dogs Of Fame
Many of my girls have been used by local studios, including Hallmark Cards and Nick Vedros Photography for all kinds of ads and greeting cards.
Here are just a few..maybe you've seen one of them.
 A gaggle of my goldens on a magazine cover.
                     Nickie  in an art museum ad.
In In the mid 90's Nickie starred in a number of ads, including this one by SnapOn Tools.  It always makes me smile when I'm out on the road and see one of the trucks with her on its tailgate. See photo below left.


 See - There Goes Nickie!!
SureFire Red Hot Dee-O-Gee
in Science Diet brochure


SureFire Red Hot Dee-O-Gee on a Boatman's Bank ad.
 Sure Fire Just Do It Niki on a greeting card.

 Mach SureFire Hot Flash in Vet Ad poster.
Flash on Pet Wellness brochure 
SureFire Red Hot Dee-O-Gee 
on a Flying Carpet greeting card. 
Nickie on a sofa ad.
 Niki on a poster ad.
Mary Estrin teaching class on a greeting card.  My girls pictures are above the blackboard and the border collie in the front row is my Quest.


Two sisters in a window - Double Exposure
Dee-O-Gee on a UMB Bank banner. 


Flash on a Science Diet brochure. 
Nickie on a Father's Day card.


Dee-O-Gee loved to go shopping...
Good Girl !


Nickie really loved to play ball...
                             Good Catch, Nickie

Ready To Play !

 Jammer - what a winner!
 Dee-O-Gee with Scruffy and a cat.


Above is a picture of a billboard in downtown Kansas City
with Dee-O-Gee in a UMB 'Bank from the comfort of home' series, in the spring of 1996.  There were twenty-some billboards
all around the KC area.  It was really cool, seeing My Girl,
great big, and All Over Town.   Really ! !  

Ragin' Cajun on food bag. 


Luckie in national Kohler toilet ad.
Quest & Luckie with a big dog & two cats.


Dee-O-Gee modeling in
KC Star article. 


Niki in a flea contron ad.
A SureFire pup on a poster.

 And More To Come !



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