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HRCH SureFire Keep It Going Chill SH   has been bred to Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova CDX MH55  CCA WCX OS HTHF MAR



Chill was born on January 25th 2018 (6 Years old). Chill has been and still is a real joy to train and to live with. She is dark red in color, weighs 48 lbs .and has a nice straight coat, which is easy to maintain. She’s great in the house and gets along well with the rest of my girls.

Chill’s mom is HRCH  Surefire Turn Me Loose Zoom CD, MH**, WCX. CCA, OD and her father is You Have Got To Be Kidding CDX RE MH100 MNH NA NAJ CCA WCX *** OS (Call name is Joker.)

Chill has been so busy being a mom that she has gotten a little behind in her training but when she has a chance, she loves to train and is eager to learn.  She has previously had two nice litters. All of those puppies are doing well and becoming successful in a variety of ways. Chill is a great mother to her pups. She is a tender and loving mom.

Chill has her HRCH and SH WC and as of the end of 2023 needs one more pass for her Master title, which we will get accomplished in 2024. Chills kids are excelling in agility, obedience, field, hunting, and more.

Chill has lots of drive when working. She has good marking, water entry, and is an all around good team player. I just bred Chill for her final breeding. Hopefully expecting pups in early March 2024. This will be a repeat breeding with Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova CDX MH 50 WCX CCA OS HTHF. MAR.






Brassfire’s Cowboy Casanova (aka Maverick) MH, CDX, WCX, CCA
  "Maverick earned his Master Hunter title at the West Allis hunt test on July 23, 2016 at 27 months of age. Maverick is a willing participant, no matter what I ask of him. Even as an amateur handler and through all the mistakes I make, he tries his best every time. He has a tremendous eagerness to please which is how we have come so far so fast.   
Maverick is athletic, well-muscled, and extremely intelligent with a very pleasant head and expression.  He has tons of drive and desire but is very biddable.  His desire to please is what makes him such a pleasure to train.  Maverick received his CCA at the 2018 GRCA National, receiving many compliments.  We also now have 46 master passes. Maverick has qualified for the Matster National every year since he was two years old.

Our journey together has just begun. He has shown me there are no limits to where we can go.
I look forward to competing with Maverick in obedience, hunt tests, and field, but most of all, I look forward to the years of love, admiration and loyalty that we have for each other. After all, it’s not about the destination…. It’s about the ride. "  Beth Gerdes


My SureFire Goldens are dressed in a field coat.  They drip dry easily.  They range in coat color from dark gold to red. For most they are high energy dogs that can work with lots of enthusiasm all day.  And for the most part they come inside and settle right down. They are great house dogs. My SureFire Goldens are very intelligent, biddable, athletic and have proven themselves to have wonderful work ethics. I look for hunting and competition, performance homes but for sure a few will go to very active pet homes. When looking at pricing, my price represents not only the quality of the Sire & Dam, but all the effort that I put into researching pedigrees, of putting the right two dogs together to create the best liter I can, as well as the time, travel and associated many expenses involved in a litter until they go home.  And there is the time spent in analyzing the puppies and then matching each puppy with the right new owner.                                                                                                                                       As a breeder, I try hard to reduce the risk of genetic defects.  But we should all know it is Not possible to avoid all genetic problems in breeding. When my pups leave my home they leave only after being vet checked and with their first set of vaccinations.  They have received individual stimulation from birth and are well socialized in a  home setting and outdoors and have been introduced to birds. When the weather permits all my puppies get introduced to water and learn how to swim and they have all been introduced to crate training and house breaking.  

If  you are interested in this litter, Please fill out and forward the application found on 

The Puppy Purchase Application page and please include your email address. 

Puppy Purchase Application Page

Serious Inquiries Only Please.



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