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Zoom & Joker Puppies

Pups Born Jan 25 2018
Five Girls  -- Five Boys

Zoom's Pups 2-21-18

Zoom & Her Pups 2-11-18

The Pups and Their Other Mom

Two Weeks Old

Day Twelve 2/5/18

Day Nine 2/2/28

Friend & Veterinarian Rebecca Dallam checking out Zoom's pups. 

Everybody checks out AOK

Day Six

Day Five  1-29-18

Day Four 1-28-18

Day Three 1-27-18


Day Two 1-26-18


Day One 1-25-18


X-Ray of Zoom on 1-15-18

Not Big At All Six Days Out - - Not Much...

 Puppies Due January 28, 2018

More To Come Soon ! 



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